Why Your Chipped Teeth Need Immediate Care

Why Your Chipped Teeth Need Immediate Care

Have you ever experienced getting your teeth chipped accidentally when you got hit on your mouth or by just simply eating? It's best to visit your dentist as soon as possible so your teeth can be given the care it needs. Ask the advice of an expert in cosmetic dentistry in Pekin, IL.

The teeth are essential for you to eat and speak. Getting a tooth chipped might change how you talk because of the space. And getting a chipped tooth may happen by simply eating ice or hard food.

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What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a kind of dental work that involves the appearance of the teeth, gums or bite. Its primary focus is the improvement of the aesthetics of the teeth, thus giving your teeth that perfect look.

This will be a big help to you if you do have chipped or broken teeth. The procedure will help improve the appearance of the teeth and correct the alignment of your bite if that is also a problem.

Common Reasons Why Teeth Get Chipped

There can be many reasons why your teeth chip, and it can be a fairly common occurrence. The severity of the damage can vary from a small chip to a large gap, depending on the situation.

Below are a few reasons why you get chipped teeth:

Biting on Hard Objects

Biting on hard objects can chip your teeth. You can bite any hard surface or food, and it can damage your teeth. Even teeth banging together (like clenching) cannot only make cause a chip, but may also straight out knock your teeth out of your mouth.

Falls Or Car Accidents

Falling on your face is a common reason for chipped teeth because you never know when that unfortunate fall is going to happen.

The same goes for car accidents. A hard impact can cause you to hit your mouth. Even hitting the airbag in an awkward way can cause some issues.

Grinding Your Teeth When You Sleep

Teeth grinding during your sleep is something that you will have to fix, so the chances of chipping your teeth are lowered. The pressure can wear down the enamel when you grind your teeth.

Why Do Chipped Teeth Need Immediate Care?

Chipped teeth have varying levels of severity, and you won’t always need immediate care. But you should always get any dental issues checked out.  

Below are a few reasons why chipped teeth need immediate care:

Gaps May Cause Altered Speech  

A big chip to the teeth will leave a gap, affecting speech. A gap in the teeth can cause altered speech, and it can stay permanent if the gap is not filled.


The gaps that the chipped tooth has will be exposed, and it can invite food to get stuck in chipped areas. This can get infected and slowly eat the tooth and gum away, leaving you in pain.

More Damage

The more you delay having your chipped tooth repaired, the more damage can occur. One small chip is enough to start weakening the enamel, especially when you’re eating hard food.

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