Different Kinds of Stains on Your Teeth and How to Treat Them

Different Kinds of Stains on Your Teeth and How to Treat Them

It can be frustrating when you look in the mirror and notice that your teeth don’t look as white as they used to. Many different kinds of stains can make your teeth look discolored. But Dr. Erika Grimm from Pekin, IL, specializes in treating discoloration and can help you achieve a brighter smile. She can help fix discoloration caused by age, tobacco, medication, and more.

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What are the Types of Teeth Stains?

Extrinsic Teeth Stains

These include stains caused by poor oral hygiene habits, such as not brushing or flossing properly. Certain foods and drinks also cause these types of stains. If you consume foods that contain high levels of tannins, you may notice your teeth become stained. However, since these stains lie on the outer part of your teeth, you can easily remove them with good oral hygiene.  

Extrinsic stains also tend to fade quickly, so patients often experience relief after just one treatment. We can treat extrinsic stains with our non-invasive laser teeth whitening treatments. No downtime is required so that you can get that whiter, brighter smile faster.  

Intrinsic Teeth Stains

These stains can be caused by medications, too much fluoride, and injuries. They are often difficult to correct, but it is possible.

Intrinsic stains are treated with a combination of professional cleaning and a bleaching product applied to the teeth to kill the bacteria, reduce plaque formation, and help correct the discoloration.  

The bleaching process may take as long as four to six treatments, and the discoloration that remains can be addressed with professional cleaning and whitening treatments. The treatments are done in the dentist’s office, so you can get the whitest smile you desire.  

If whitening fails, you might need to consider veneers to completely cover the stains.

Age-Related Stains

Our teeth naturally begin to fade and lose their natural, bright shine as we get older. It happens over time as the enamel of our teeth begins to thin. Enamel is the white, hard substance that covers the surface of your teeth. Over the years, food, drinks, or cigarette smoking can increase the risk of developing age-related stains.  

Staining from food can be especially stubborn in the upper part of the mouth, while dark tobacco stains are often found in the lower jaw. These stains are often difficult to remove, and they can lead to other problems like tooth decay, so it is important to treat them early. To help reduce your risk of developing age-related stains, you should be diligent about maintaining good oral hygiene.  

Brushing with a soft-bristled brush and using an interdental brush — a special brush that can clean between your teeth and gums — every day is ideal. Also, flossing daily is important, and you should also be sure to visit your dentist twice a year for professional cleaning. It will help maintain your teeth and gums and prevent the formation of plaque and tartar on the teeth.  

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