Popular Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Popular Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked

Misinformation is rampant when it comes to teeth whitening. You can read ads of ways to whiten the teeth without paying much. These ads are often misleading and can potentially cause more harm than good. If you need more answers, you can consult the nearest cosmetic dentistry clinic in Pekin, IL.  

Teeth whitening is a normal and common procedure you can have with just getting a dental appointment. However, many opt for something that is cost-effective and store-bought.  

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Teeth Whitening Myths

Numerous myths of teeth whitening are quite rampant. Not only will this spread false information, but it also can cause many accidents. Below are teeth whitening myths debunked.

Baking Soda as Teeth Whitener

Baking soda as a teeth whitener is a common circulating rumor that is quite well-known. This substance may actually cause a disruption of the balance of the good and bacteria inside the mouth.

The Teeth Will Stay White After Whitening

Your teeth will whiten after just one professional session at the dental office in most cases. This, however, does not mean that the teeth will stay white forever.

The teeth will get new stains, and the whiteness won’t last. This occurrence is quite normal. All you would need to do is come back for another treatment once you feel they begin to discolor again.

Teeth Whitening Can Work for Anyone

Whitening the teeth is not for everyone because children cannot have their teeth whitened at a young age. Some stains are also simply unable to be removed through whitening. For the whitest of smiles, you might need to turn to a treatment like dental veneers.

Rubbing Fruits Will Whiten Teeth

Rubbing fruits on the teeth might not be suitable. Fruits contain sugar and acid if you use strawberry and lemon as your teeth whitener. This may cause cavities to form and will only be a problem.

The acid will damage the enamel and is dangerous for the teeth. It is recommended to wait at least 20 minutes before brushing your teeth because brushing too soon will only aid in the damage.

Activated Charcoal Is the Key to White Teeth

Activated charcoal is a well-known product that is said to whiten teeth when used. However, there are not enough studies to back this claim that charcoal can contribute to teeth whitening.

Stronger Whitening Chemicals Shortens the Session

It is believed that using a stronger whitening chemical would shorten the amount of time needed to bleach the teeth. This, however, is wrong. Increasing the number of chemicals used and also using a strong chemical will not shorten the session.

Each chemical has its own specific time needed for it to seep in the teeth and make them white. The amount is important, but using too much will only damage the teeth and gums, resulting in sensitive teeth.

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